Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are they really strict or I am just OA?

I know Ballet is a much disciplined art but should teachers be really that strict to their students even if they are only 3 years old? We decided to enroll Bela to the Baby Ballet Class because we have seen her interest in Ballet and I believe that we as parents should help our kids discover and nurture whatever interests and talents they have. We brought her to the ballet studio of Halili Cruz just to see if she really likes it and when we saw how much she is eager to go inside the room and join the class we didn’t hesitate to sign her up for the class. But our goal is to develop in her a love for ballet. I don’t care if she will really participate or not, I don’t care if she will not have a perfect form, I don’t care if she will learn to tip toe or do the split. All I am after for is she is having fun.

I am just bothered because I noticed that the teachers are really strict with their students and doesn’t even show a bit of affection. Sometimes kse if Bela doesn’t know how to do the task, she will leave her line and approach her teacher and ask her teacher to teach her (and she is used to doing this because that is how they do it in Toddlers), but the teacher will just say “Bela, go back to your line”, or “Bela you’re not following teacher, I will not give you stickers.” During her second day of class, she even sat down with me after her teacher told her that she is not listening and kept on whispering “Mommy, I am not following teacher” and she was really disappointed. Good thing I was able to convince her to go back to her line.

And then last Sunday, the teacher even made “sutsot” to Bela like Bela did something really bad and Bela was just being playful while waiting for her turn to be called by teacher.

Bela is still enjoying it even if the teachers are strict so I don’t want to pull her out of the class. Ako lang talaga ang nag re-react ng ganito. And I am happy also that at least Bela will be disciplined a little because she is so used to being treated in a nice way (kse super lambing talaga her teachers at TU) and as I observed naman, she is learning to follow her teachers like last Sunday, she really tried hard to stay in line talaga. I am just worried lang talaga that they might be a little too strict already for her age and all I want for Bela rigth now is to have fun and learn to love ballet more.I don’t know if I am just OA. I just got really pissed because I feel that they should at least be appreciative or a little affectionate to their students, because they are still kids and they don’t need to make “sutsot” because they can address Bela by her name. Ganon ba talaga sa ballet, mahigpit talaga or I am just being so over protective of may daughter (in short OA ang reaction ko). LOL


Aggie said...

Abie di ko matantsa kasi kung OK ba yun or hindi, ayoko lang nung sinusutsutan. Kasi kahit saang school un, that's considered bastos na diba? Anong age ba mostly ng peers nya dun sa class? Baka sanay din ung teachers na mas structured sila or mostly matatanda na ung nasa class?

Kelly said...

Hi Abie, I took ballet when I was about 5/6 years old but I honestly can't remember if the teachers were strict or not. All I can remember is that I asked my mom to pull me out of the class because it was interfering with my afternoon naps! Hahaha! (sorry di ako nakatulong dito)

On a serious note.. I know that dance requires discipline. I remember having a couple of jazz instructors who reminded me of Douglas Quijano (reminded lang kasi I'm pretty sure mas "mabait" sila. hehe). But. These guys were teaching adults na ha, not 3 year old kids.

On your overreacting, I think I would be a little irked too if it was my kid in there. It's just natural for us moms to feel that way.

Kelly said...

correction: Douglas NIERRAS pala!!! LOL

abie said...

Hi Aggie,

Ako din kse I find sutsot bastos talaga kaya I reacted talaga when I heard the teacher doing that to Bela. Pero once or twice ko lang naman narinig na sinutsutan si Bela. Cguro dahil bago sya sa class and di pa gaano alam name nya kaya instead of calling her name, sutsot na lang. Mga 3-4 yrs old ang classmates nya and I think she is one of the youngest and the newest student sa class kaya I am expecting that they will not be that hard on Bela kse bago lang sya.

Hi Kelly,

Si Bela naman super enjoy pa din sya. Last time nga na walang class and di namin alam, pag dating namin sa Halili, Please sya ng please kse gusto nya talaga mag dance daw. Cguro I will take it from Bela, pag ayaw na nya eh di pull out ko na sya sa class. hehehe..

Thanks girls on your input ha. Si howell kse natatawa sa akin, hayaan ko lang daw kse nakita nya kung gaano ako kagalit na galit noong narinig ko na sinutsutan si Bela. Naisip ko tuloy baka nga OA lang ako...hehehe

Joy said...

hey sis abie, i believe sa ballet talaga they teach discipline eh. however, bela is only three so siguro dapat may balance. and sutsot? ano ba naman yun, bastos yun kahit saan.

but if bela is enjoying, then just let her siguro unless may mapansin kang hindi mo talaga ma-take. normal naman reaction mo but still see how it goes. how old are her classmates?

Thea said...

Abie, I got curious anong school ito? Sa Halili ba?

IMO, if you're no longer comfortable with the situation, wag mo na ienrol uli jan si Bela.

Sa TU kasi mga child psychology ang natapos nyan or probably had similar training. Yung sa ballet school, of course, ballet lang.

yung napapanood natin sa mga movies na super strict / stiff teachers ng piano, violin or ballet, i think have basis. kasi nga mga "discipline" lessons sila.

pero san nga school? hehehe.

abie said...

Hi Thea,

Sa Halili nga. I asked the parents na nandon, ganon daw talaga mga teachers at ang bata ng mga teachers kaya feeling ko wala tyaga sa mga bata na ksing kulit ni bela...hehehe


don ako nainis eh, sa sutsot, ano anak ko aso?...hehehe...pero nakikita ko naman nga super enjoy pa din sya kahit alam ko na super trying hard sya na makasunod sa teacher nya...hehehe...hangang end of march na lang naman sya sa halili. di ko muna sya enroll sa summer kse 2x and 3x a week ang sked eh. Tignan ko na lang by june kung enroll ko pa sya ulit sa halili or sa ibang school na lang.

ty mga mare sa inputs nyo

apple said...

hi abie,

di ko din type ang sutsutan ang anak ko ha. at saka ayoko din ng tinatarayan anak ko. ako lang may karapatan dun, hehe.
pero i guess, discipline talaga ang tinuturo nila, pero feeling ko parang "over" naman sila, kasi 3yo pa lang si Bela.
Bela enjoys it still kasi siguro she loves ballet, pero di pa nya alam yung sa mga teachers eh. kaya better siguro if hanap mo na lang sya ng ibang ballet school, with 'nicer' teachers. Bela will still enjoy it naman kahit saang school, basta ballet. atleast mag-enjoy ka na din if better na ang teachers. =)

Mich said...

hi abie, kung di mo feel, wag mo na lang ituloy. meron pa namang ibang school na nag-offer ng ballet lessons diba?

gusto ko rin i-enroll si alex sa ballet pero not now pa, probably next year. :)

Jody said...

Its normal to be strict especially for such kind of "art" like ballet. Pero the sutsut is different. Dapat din i-consider na she is just 3 years old and shy might not understand it. They accepted bela knowing her age so they should be ready how to adjust to the kid. Eh di sana nag-age cut off sila na mga 7years old na ang tatanggapin nila para marunong na talagang umintindi. What you feel is normal. Kung ako yun, kakausapin ko ang teacher or di ko na enroll dyan. You could look for other schools.

Well, I want din sana Ballet pero si Dicky, ayaw na ayaw ang ballet. Iba na lang daw...hip-hop dance class pa daw puede, hehehe.

Peachy said...

il ask ate joanne about the sutsot issue. yung anak nya kasi alam ko maaga din nag start jan sa halili eh. baka napapnsin nya din un. pero til now jan pa din sila, weekdays nga lng.

siguro, talk to the teacher about sutsot, sabihn mo mga thoughts mo about it. pero tama din nasabi ni thea, iba pag pre school teacher talga than teachers of certain art/dance classes for kids. if bela is still enjoying her class, for me ha, dont pull her out. that makes her happy eh. i remember , when i was 5 yata yun, piano lessons naman, jusko ka strict ng teacher ko. ako mismo ang umayaw at di ko na enjoy later on ang class. so take it from bela, im sure happy ka everytime she's happy sa class.

update mo kami on what will happen next time ha. goodluck.

Elle Marie Oplas' mama said...

Anong klaseng teacher ba yan? Napakapalengkera naman... I just can't imagine what my reaction would have been if I were in your shoes... They don't have the right to treat my daughter that way.

abie said...

Hi apple,

Yun din sabi ko kay Howell, ako lang may karapatan magtaray sa anak ko...hehehe...pero sabi ko nga noong una, napapansin ko na di talaga sila malambing sa kids, pero di naman ako na upset kse nga baka talagang discipline ang tinuturo nila...pero noong narinig ko na sinutsutan si bela, nag init talaga ulo ko...


nag inquire na nga ako sa ibang school like ballet manila...ok sana sa halili kse yung pinakamalapit sa amin, pero kung di magbago treatment nila kay bela, hanap ko talaga sya iba school


i talked to the admin office na and asked them if normal ba na mahigpit sila sa mga students kahit 3 yrs old lang and I told them about the sutsot issue...and sabi ko nga napansin ko naman nag tra-try talaga si bela sumunod eh, pero wag naman nila sutsutan and to think, pang 3rd session pa lang nya yun so nag a-adjust pa talaga...

si bela buti gusto ang ballet...sa totoo lang mga frustrtations ko, mukhang si bela lahat mag tutupad...hehehe...


cge nga peach pa ask si ate jhoanne mo...buti nga nag e-enjoy pa din si bela...ang fear ko kse baka imbis nga na mag enjoy eh magka trauma pa...kanina may class ulit sya pero OT ako kaya si lola nya ang kasama nya sa class...i asked my mom and mukha ok naman, nakadikit daw lagi teacher kay bela kaya di nya narinig na sinutsutan...hehehe..

tom may class sya ulit, tignan ko how it goes...pag ganon pa din, kausapin ko na yung teacher...or baka sabunutan ko pag naiinis ako...ehehe

Jane said...

im okay woth them being strict and all but the sutsut part im not. even if my daughter is the most likot, pasaway or wahtever, i dont think they should make sutsut noh. i mean, they accept kids their age and they should know how to handle them.

Anne said...

Hi Abie,

Don't know but it's kinda funny I stumbled on your site. I was serching the web for a better ballet school than our present one and saw this post of yours. can't help but leave a comment too.

My daughter (who happens to be a Bela too!) studies in Halili for the past 3 years, and sad to say, we had to stay this long for us to realize the school is not worth it. Yes, some teachers can be very snooty, especially to kids (like my daughter)who are already in the classical level. But there is more to it than just that.

We are thinking of not enrolling anymore this sem because of many reasons; you may opt to reach me at 0916-4193223 so I can tell you why and perhaps swap stories with each other. We dropped by Ballet Manila a couple of weeks ago, and though it is very far from where we stay (U.P. Vill.), we just might make a few sacrifices in family schedules to get there during weekends.

Btw, are you still enrolled in Halili? I noticed the post is dated March pa kase. Do please get in touch if you wish; you may be "saved" from future troubles there, who knows... ^_^

Anne said...

Hi Sis,

Just got a message yesterday from somebody who saw this blog also, haha. She has a concern about Halili too. Funny, ang dami nang narating ng mga pinag-uusapan natin dito, lol!

Anyway, take care and enjoy your pregnancy. Sige, I will update you and kitakits tayo after you give birth. Text-text... =)