Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rain, Rain go away

Bela was so excited for his sponge bath last night. You want to know why? It is because our hot and cold shower was installed yesterday afternoon.

We used to have a shower in our bathroom before but ever since it stopped working, we were not able to find the time to fix or replace it. Last Monday, we went to Robinson’s Place as I need to buy gifts for Bela’s teaches and yaya. After I am done with my gift shopping, we dropped by at Ace Hardware since we need to buy the fluorescent lamp for our second room as it is no longer working. We are already on our way to the cashier when I saw the section where they have displays for hot and cold shower system. There is an on going promo where we can charge it to our credit card account and pay for it at 3 monthly installments at 0% interest. The sale staff already gave us a demo on how it works and the difference between each of the models. I really wanted to think about it and check for faucets online first so at least we can compare different brands and models, but the sales staff offered us an additional 10% discount so Howell immediately said yes.

We are really a sucker for sales. LOL. But we really need this shower faucet. It is a need and not a luxury (OK, I am being defensive already.) But I am sure Bela will enjoy her bath more with the installation of our new shower faucet. Just like last night, it was very difficult to convince her to get out of the bathroom but it was really easy to convince her to take a bath. She was even singing “Rain, Rain go away” the entire time that she is taking a bath. So I guess that purchase is all worth it.