Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bela Updates

Snagged this picture from Hubby’s blog. (He made a post about our weekend and some stories about Bela on his blog.)

I am still very busy with all the tasks that I have to finish plus it’s been very busy in the office lately so I just want to make a bulleted entry about what Bela has been busy with:

1. Howell was finally able to clean Bela’s fish tank (after almost two months of not cleaning it). We also bought 2 more Clown Fish for Bela and one big fish like Dory during our last trip at Cartimar. Look at how happy Bela is after they finished cleaning the fish tank.

2. Bela attended her third session of the Baby Ballet Class at Halili Cruz School of Ballet. She is still enjoying it and last Sunday (her make up class), we were able to leave her inside the ballet studio alone while we just watch her from outside. I am just a little bothered though because the teachers are really strict and they are not malambing to their students (and Bela is used to this because her teachers at Toddlers are so sweet and affectionate). – I will make a separate post about this.

3. When Bela started her Galileo program last month, I was really worried because it is really very difficult to make her sit down and do her assignments. But we noticed that she loves writing now (or should I say tracing) and we always finished her assignments in a breeze and she would even ask us to look for more things to trace and draw. Just like last Sunday, Howell and I took turns in helping Bela finish her assignment.