Monday, March 02, 2009

Her Second Trip To Cartimar Pet Center

Last Friday, after Bela’s class at Toddlers Unlimited, we decided to drop by at Cartimar’s Pet Center to buy salt water for Bela’s Nemo.

It has been a routine every time Bela has a class that they will fetch me first, and then we will fetch Howell before going home. So when Bela noticed that her lolo is not taking the usual route that they always take on their way to Howell’s office, Bela reacted right away and she reminded her lolo that we have to fetch her dad. But as soon as I told her that we are going to the pet shop to buy the salt water for her Nemo, she instantly forgot about her dad.

As soon as she saw the dogs and the birds inside the store, she hurriedly asked me to get out of the car so she can see the dogs closely. Bela and her lola went around the store while I looked for a store that sells salt water. When we went to Cartimar last December, we had a hard time looking for a clown fish and we found a store that sold a clown fish at P60 per piece. But last Friday, I found a store that sells the clown fish at only P20 per piece. I went gaga and I initially bought 8 different kinds of salt water fish. But then I remembered that our fish tank can only hold maximum of 8 fish and we already have 3 fish at home so I just decided to buy 3 more.

Bela was so happy when I showed her the two clown fish that I bought and one fish that looks like Dory. Howell was not able to take a picture of it yet (and he still has to clean the tank) but I promise to post a picture of it soon.