Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moving Up Day @ TU

Last March 24 was Bela’s Moving Up Day at school. The program was held at the Social Hall of Sanctuario de San Antonio Parish. The program was held in the morning (assembly time was 10 AM and program will start at 10:30 AM). Bela slept late the night before so by 8 AM she is still sleeping and so we have to wake her up so we can make it in time for the program. Because of this, she was really cranky. I was so worried that she will not even go up on the stage. But as soon as she sees her classmates and especially when Teacher Maica gave them their fruit shaker (as props for the performance), she immediately warmed up and she started playing with her classmates.

They are the first one to perform this time. As soon as she heard the music, she started jumping and dancing (I guess those are the steps for their dance number. LOL.) But in the middle of the music, Bela stopped as she saw the stage decorations and she started playing with it. LOL.

But I am one proud mom. Look at how cute Bela is.

They were asked to wear something hip hop or funky and this is the costume that we were able to come up with. Good thing my sister helped us shop for Bela’s outfit (I don’t know anything about hip hop. And so does Howell. Maybe if you ask Howell about tuxedos or barongs, maybe he can help us up. LOL).

I will post more pictures soon. I am still feel so tired (and lazy) this week that I haven’t find the time to sort through the pictures.


Elle Marie Oplas' mama said...

i have to say that bela is soooo cool! everybody gave an extra clap for her performance... i shouldnn know i witnessed it!

cool! cool! i think red is her color!

Peachy said...

congrats bela!