Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Moving Up Day Preps

It will be Bela’s Moving up Day tomorrow. I received a letter last week and Bela has to wear something hip hop or funky since they will be doing the popcorn dance (although I have no idea what this dance is.)

When I read the letter, my initial reaction was, “Hip Hop?!! So what should I let her wear?” I am so out of the hip hop world already that I have no idea on what should Bela wear. All I remember about hip hop is MC Hammer and I am not sure if MC Hammer’s outfit will go well with Bela.

So last Wednesday after Bela’s class, we went to Midtown Plaza (since my mom needs to look for office furniture too) to get Bela her hip hop costume. We went to Osh Kosh, Guess, Kids of Bayo, Gingersnaps, Twilo and we even checked out the stores inside the mall but we were only able to buy a suspender and bandana (as suggested by my sister).

The next day, I asked my sister to try the khaki pants and the razor back blouse of Bela (old clothes from her closet) to see if it looks hip hop already but my sister did not give her approval. So that same day, we went to Mall of Asia with my sister so she can help us look for Bela’s outfit for the program.

We went to Gingersnaps and Osh Kosh and we checked out Periwinkle. We saw a cargo shorts for boys from Periwinkle and we let Bela try it. It is really meant for 6 years old boy but it fits Bela (since it has an adjustable waistline) and it really gives a hip hop look. Then we went inside the mall to check out blouses but we did not find any. Then we checked Baby Mossimo and good thing we found a sleeveless blouse with hood which my sister approved also.

So after two days of searching and with the help of my sister, Bela will be ready for her Moving Up Day program. (Thanks sis!)


Elle Marie Oplas' mama said...

hi abie! great to finally meet you in person! bela was hip! galing galing ng napili nyo... finally the two days of searching paved way...

galing sumayaw ni bela a?!!!! mukhang my pinagmanahan?!!!

Elle Marie Oplas' mama said...

at first my husband wanted to transfer elle to another school near our place because of the traffic in buendia. lapit lang namin but there are times that it takes us 20 mins to get to TU. BUT, we could not find a better school than TU. We've been to a couple of schools and did trial classes kaso there is something missing e na meron sa toddlers. i think it is the environment plus the friends that she had since she started school... kaya we decided to stay with tu sa june. elle will be in the 830-1030 am class mwf. di pa namin ma 5x a week kasi meron pa siyang gymboree classes.

problema kasi sa new environment lalo na sa age ni elle na nag wa warm up pa...

i hope bela enjoys her new school. i think madali naman syang mag adjust kasi mukhang sociable sya:-)