Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bela's New Toys

Last Tuesday, Howell went home with these:

These ponies are the Happy Meal from Mc Donalds in Florida. Yes you read it right they came all the way from Florida and it is from her Ninong Alex, Ninang Lyn and Ate Alyanna.

Howell showed it to Bela as soon as he got home and when Bela saw it, her reaction was:

Bela: “Oh, nice. Let’s open all of them!”

She asked us to remove all the ponies from their plastic wrapper and she immediately line them up together with her other Little Pony toys. She was so excited and she was so happy playing with it. (You know how much Bela loves her animal toys).

This is now her current favorite collection that she brings it with her every where she goes. And she will even asked us to bring it up in her room and line them up one by one before she goes to bed.

Thank you Ninong Alex, Ninang Lyn and Ate Alyanna for remembering Bela even if you are already a thousand miles away from us. Bela really, really loved your gift for her.