Friday, March 20, 2009

My Baby

My baby is arriving tomorrow. Do you want to meet her? Her name is Holga. I have been drooling to buy this camera for days now ever since I saw my colleague using one. Last week, I promised myself that I will buy one if I have an overtime schedule this week so I will get the money that I will use to buy my Holga camera from my OT pay. Every Monday we will be notified if we have an overtime schedule and since I did not receive any notice last Monday, I gave up on my desire to buy my Holga this week.

We will be going on an out of town vacation this weekend that is why I want to get hold of my Holga camera this week so I can take it to our out of town vacation. So when my colleague asked me this afternoon if I want to take her schedule for the overtime since she has to attend to some important matters, I quickly said yes without even thinking if I already have prior engagements or not (bad me.) And as soon as I got a confirmation that I will be working overtime tomorrow, I immediately call the Lomo camera supplier that I got from the Urban Bazaar last weekend at Rockwell and before I knew it, I already agreed to meet with her tomorrow and she will deliver my Multicolored Holga in my office together with a 35 mm adapter.

And since I will just be supervising the contractors tomorrow while they do their job, I will have a lot of time tomorrow to read the manual so I can learn about my Holga camera before our out of town this weekend.

I am so excited. I am not really the artistic type and I know that lomo cameras is a hit or miss thing so I am wondering how I will do with a lomo camera. Let’s wait and see. I won’t get a hold of my camera not until after lunch tomorrow so I better look for Dallas Texas hotels first while I still have time as I know I will be very busy studying my new toy when it arrives tomorrow.