Thursday, April 09, 2009

For her 4th

We attended the 3rd birthday party of Howell’s god child, Marc, today at Jollibee in Dapitan. Since I was only able to get off from work at 5:00 PM, Howell and Bela went ahead of me and I just followed them there from work.

Howell gave me a call while I was on my way there. Howell was the official photographer but he can’t take pictures because Bela doesn’t want to go inside the party venue again (just like with the other parties that we attended before). But when I reached Jollibee, I was surprised to see Bela inside the venue and she is already partying with the kids. Howell was able to convince her to go inside because he saw the Jollibee toys that they are giving the kids. And she even got more excited even if she is already sleepy when Jollibee had his appearance.

Now I know if ever we decide to throw a party for her fourth birthday, it will definitely be a Jollibee party if we want Bela to stay inside the party venue during the entire duration of the party.

We still have no definite plans yet for her fourth birthday. Although hubby is firm that we will just have a Family Vacation to celebrate her birthday. Since Bela loves the beach, Howell wants to have another beach escapade. A nice vacation in the white sand beaches of the Riviera Maya where we will truly be pampered while we enjoy our suites that is overlooking the ocean would be one perfect vacation. But I am not sure if we can truly afford a vacation something like that.

Oh well, Bela’s birthday is still a few months away so we still have time to decided and think about it.