Sunday, October 25, 2009

School Hunt: STC and St. Scho

I can’t believe that time really fly so fast. Next year, Bela will already be an incoming Kinder student so this means that it is time for another school hunting once again for me. I can’t believe that big schools start their admissions early. I started calling them last month and I really panicked since most of the schools have already set their deadline for accepting enrollees at the end of that month. And even though our insurance will be expiring soon and I have to look for term life insurance rates, I put my search on hold to start preparing the requirements needed for Bela’s application to the different schools that we are considering.

I initially wanted to consider schools in the Makati area but after listening to my friend’s advice, I realized that it will be difficult for Bela to wake up early to travel to Makati everyday. So I narrowed my search to big schools in Quezon City and Manila area.

Out of all the schools that I considered, I got good reviews for St. Theresa’s College in Quezon City and St. Scholastica’s College. Bela already had her interview at STC last October 12. I was really praying the whole time she was inside the Guidance Counselor’s room as I know Bela can be really stubborn at times. LOL. She will not answer you if you ask her a question if she doesn’t want to and since she has a fever that day, I am really scared that she might throw tantrums.

But I was really surprised since the interview only lasted for 15 minutes or so. The Guidance Counselor said that Bela already knows a lot of things and she is really fluent in English. When I asked Bela what she did inside, she said that her new teacher asked her to work on alphabets, numbers, shapes and color. We already paid our reservation fee so Bela is secured of her slot at STC.

We also got an application form at St. Scholastica’s. We have completed all of their requirements but we haven’t submitted it yet. Actually, I really like STC already. It is near our place (just 15 minutes drive), I love the environment as it is inside the villages in QC so it is really quite and safe unlike St. Scho and I received consistent positive feedbacks about STC. So I am still thinking if we will still pursue our application with St. Scho or not. But we’ll see. At least her slot at STC is already secured so I am sure that Bela has a big school to attend to next year. LOL.