Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pipsqueak and Num-Num

Meet Pipsqueak and Num-Num, Bela’s new pet.

She was actually requesting for a real hamster. You know how much Bela loves pets so we are really thinking of getting her one. But while I was shopping for Christmas gifts at Toys R’ Us a few weeks ago, I saw this Go Go Pets toys which is one of TRU’s new product. SO I thought, maybe this will be a good substitute for a real hamster that Bela is requesting to have. We are really not good when it comes to taking care of pets (we used to have a Nemo fish but they all died already) so maybe this is the best option for Bela.

I bought one yellow hamster and the toy ball where the hamster can go inside and since the hamster is battery operated, it can roll the ball on its own. The hamster toy has a sensor which will make it turn around if it bumps on something and a special sensor that will make it move according to the accessories that it is using. For example, if the accessory is a hamster wheel, the sensor will make the hamster turn the wheel while it is running. Coolness.

Yesterday, we went to TRU again and I bought her the Hamster Fun house. There are still a lot of accessories that I need to collect (they have the sleeping module with surfboard, a hamster slide, a hamster mobile, a hamster bed, etc) but I told Bela she has to work hard in school first before she gets another one. LOL. But I am also thinking to give this to her on her birthday.

Check it out. I think it is exclusively distributed by TRU. I checked Amazon and the prices there are much more expensive (almost double) than the prices in TRU here in Manila.