Saturday, October 17, 2009

Investment in the Time of Crisis

I was trying to withdraw money from my Paypal account and I was really saddened by how the value of dollar has dropped. I know I should be happy because this means that the value of peso is getting strong but for a dollar earner like me, this is bad news.

My dad said that the value of dollar will continue drop because of the financial crisis. This got me into thinking of better ways to invest our money so I did some research and discovered that in this time of economic crisis, the best investment would be to invest in gold.

Since gold is universally accepted, it can easily be bought and sold. It doesn’t depreciate in time also which makes it resale value even higher. My friend is into gold investment and she referred me to the site of Monex. Monex have professional staff which can help me get the best value in the market.

In this time of crisis, I guess it is the best time to check our investment options to save up for the future of our daughter.