Sunday, November 01, 2009

Bela @ 4

Two days before we leave for Singapore, Howell was finally able to finish Bela’s invitation for her birthday party. And the day before we left, hubby was able to send it to the photo center to have it printed. I wanted to have it printed before we leave since we will be back a week before her party already so we might not have time to distribute the invites. Also, since it is a long weekend and All Soul’s day, most of our relatives might be coming to my lola’s house so my mom can give out the invites.

So this is the invites that Howell was able to finish in just two days:

I was surprised that he was even able to make four different layouts. He used our pictures during our Europe trip for the background since Little Einsteins also went to Europe for an adventure. The pictures of Bela were taken during her Halloween Party at her school taken by her dad.

Hopefully, we will still have time when we arrive to give out the invites before her party.