Monday, November 09, 2009

Bela's First Real Haircut

A few weeks ago, Bela had her first real hair cut. Her lola was the one who cut Bela’s hair when she was two years old and she hasn’t been to a real kiddie salon. So it as been two years already since her last hair cut so you can just imagine, how long her hair is.

Her lola doesn’t like Bela to have a hair cut since she thinks that it will be more difficult to manage if it were shorter. But since Bela is getting rashes all over her face and body, her lola finally agreed for Bela to have a haircut.

Howell was actually working that weekend, and so my sister, yaya, Bela and I just took a cab going to Robinson’s place. We first went to Guess to exchange the leggings that I bought for her which was kind of short and the other leggings which don’t go well with the blouse that I bought. After shopping for Bela’s clothes, we went to SM Manila since there is no kiddie salon in Robinson’s Place.


Bela actually was excited for her first hair cut because I told her that she will get to sit in a car chair and watch while she is having her haircut. She was actually behave and the only time the hair dresser had difficulty was when she was already blow drying Bela’s hair because Bela won’t stop laughing because she said that it was ticklish.

I love Bela’s hair cut now. She looks a lot younger…