Saturday, November 07, 2009

Ate Bela

And so I thought I will need the best appetite suppressant because I am now 116 lbs but I guess I have to hold off my diet for at least nine months because Bela will become an Ate soon. Yes, I am so happy to announce that I am now pregnant with our second child.

Of course Howell and Bela are the most excited to receive the good news. I guess they are both hoping for a baby boy as they always refer to the baby in my tummy as “baby brother.”

When I arrived home from my checkup, Bela said “Did the doctor check the baby in your tummy?” and she kissed my tummy after that. I am sure Bela will be the sweetest ate to her sibling. I can’t wait for the time where I can see the two of them playing together. That would really be a site to behold.


Maldita said...

Finally! Congrats to both of you! Philip & I were happy to hear the good news!