Monday, November 23, 2009

Conversations with Bela

Bela knows that she will be an ate soon and I showed her pictures of my first ultrasound.

Me: “Bela, here is a picture of your baby brother.”
Bela: “Mom, it is still a sea creature. It is not a He or a She. It is still an IT.”

The picture shows the fetus in my tummy which looks like a sea horse so Bela said that it is still a sea creature. I remember I told her before that since the baby inside me is still too small, we still can’t say if it is a boy or a girl. So when I told her that it is a picture of her baby brother, she disagreed right away and corrected me by referring to the baby inside me as an “it”. LOL.

Bela: “Mom, why is the baby stuck inside your tummy?”
Me: “When you were a baby, you we’re also inside my tummy for nine months.”
Bela: “I don’t want to be stuck there for nine months. Take the baby out of your tummy.”
Me: “The baby inside me is still so small. So it still can’t eat on its own so it has to be inside me so every time I eat, it gets to eat too. When the baby is already big, that is the time it can go outside my tummy. Got it?”
Bela: “Ok.”

(Remember I still refer to the baby as it, because she will correct me again and remind me that we still don’t know if she will be having a baby brother or baby sister.)

I met up with my friends from high school a few weeks ago and I brought Bela with me and they were all amazed at how Bela can speak in straight English. They even said that Bela is slang and I jokingly told them that at least she will sure get a call center outsourcing job with her diction. LOL.

But we are trying to teach her how to speak in Tagalog now specially she will be attending big school already next year and they will have Tagalog subjects like Filipino and Sibika at Kultura. My mom said that I should not worry because Bela will be able to adapt for sure since Tagalog is spoken by everybody around her so for sure, she will learn. But hubby and I are trying as early as now and even her Occupational Therapist is trying to teach her little words in Tagalog.


Jasper said...

Aba, aba, the baby is an 'it' pa raw. Magagalit niyan ang Catholic Church :)

Nakakatuwa naman si Bela, tinawag na sea creature ang kapatid. Sirena si Mommy!