Sunday, December 06, 2009

Our Gift For Her

She is a fan of Youtube now. She is always browsing videos of Little Einsteins or her new favorite video, the Miniscule series, with her dad. That is why sometimes I have to wait for her to go to sleep before I can start with my online work.

The daddy wants to give her one of those netbooks for Christmas but I told him it is too much for Bela (now you see how daddy’s girl Bela is. LOL). So instead we just settle for this:A Clickstart from Leap Frog. You can connect it to a TV and it has a wireless keyboard and a mouse so she can pretend that she is working on a PC or a laptop. We bought two cartridges also so she will have tons of fun playing with her new educational toy.

Hubby said that he already saw the boxes (hopefully it already includes all my orders from Amazon) arriving last Friday so hopefully hubby will be able to bring it home on Monday so I can start wrapping it and put it under our tree.

Christmas is less than twenty days away and Bela for sure can’t wait for Christmas to come…