Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Excited for Christmas

After two days of being in blogging hiatus, I decided to go online today to blog and read about term life insurance quotes vs rates as we have to renew our insurance next year but Bela won’t stop bugging me. LOL. She is really excited for Christmas.

Everyday, she will ask me to turn on the Christmas lights of our Christmas tree and as soon as the lights are on, she will ask me:

Bela: “Can I open the gifts now?”
Me: “Not yet baby. We will open the gifts on Christmas.”
Bela: “But it is Christmas already. See the lights are already on.”
Me: “No Bela. Christmas is on December 25 so it is nine more sleeps to go before Christmas.”
Bela: “Ok. I will sleep now. Nine times then can I open the gifts?”
Me (laughing): “No Bela. You have to sleep nine times at night before you can open your gifts.”

Finally after so much explaining she finally agreed and everyday we will do a countdown on how many more sleeps left before it is Christmas. And she was really patient because we had visitors at our house and she receives gifts from them but she agreed when I say that she has to put it under the tree so we can all open it at the same time on Christmas.

Two more days left baby and I am sure you will be so happy and delighted with all the gifts that you will be receiving.