Thursday, December 17, 2009

Conversations with Bela

Yesterday, Bela was telling me that she wants to go on a vacation. I told her that we will go to Tagaytay but she said:

Bela: “No mom. Vacation is when you have to ride an airplane. I want to go to Hong Kong Disneyland and stay in a hotel.’
Me: “Ok baby. We will go there someday.” LOL


Today when Bela woke up:

Bela: “Good morning mom.”
Me: “Good morning Bela.”
Bela: “Why there are only two of us here. Where is dad?”
Me: “Dad has to go to the office to work so he can earn money so we can go to Hong Kong Disneyland.”
Bela: “Dad is earning too much money. He only needs to earn a few money.”
Me: “But we need money so we can pay for our hotel and buy our tickets for the airplane.”
Bela: “But the plane will crash if we bring too much money.”
Me: I just sop arguing with her because I know I will not win. LOL.