Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bela @ 4: MSS

Just like last year, I initially planned a simple party for Bela at school. But when I inquired at the office, I was informed by the secretary that they do allow parties in school and I can even hire a magician if I want since they can give me at least 2 hours of the class schedule for the party. And since this will be Bela’s last birthday at MSS since she is moving to big school next year, I decided to hire a magician instead of just having a Jollibee party.

Howell just covered a birthday party and the magician is Pocholo and he highly recommends him. Even the mother of the celebrant, Sheryll, and my co-MBAP Jacqui who attended the party recommends Pocholo also. I inquired with Jacque but unfortunately Pocholo is no longer available on the 16th of November. So I contacted Angelette of Jelly Bellies and she recommends Wacky.

A few weeks before the party, I read from Bela’s journal that their Family day has been moved to November 14. It was supposed to be held last October but was cancelled because of Typhoon Ondoy. Since they have an activity on a Saturday, they will not have a class on the 16th which is supposed to be Bela’s party at school. Good thing I was able to read her journal and learned of the cancellation so I was able to inform Jelly Bellies and I am lucky since Wacky is still available on the 17th.

I ordered food from Jollibee a week before the party and I also hired a mascot. I also got the kiddie couches, cake and cookie lollies from Jelly Bellies. I ordered Mylar balloons online and decided that we will just inflate the balloons ourselves but when my orders arrived, instead of 30 balloons (15 balloons for her Jollibee party and 15 balloons for school), I only received 4 because it is already out of stock. Thanks to Apple of Yanple because she still accepted my order of personalized balloons and balloon burst even if it is just a week notice. I love the personalized balloons and it is a perfect choice since there is no available Little Einsteins Mylar also. Howell did a layout with a picture of Bela and the Little Einstein kids.
We arrived early in school on the day of the party and we were able to arrange the auditorium in preparation for the party. Howell put up the tarp while I arranged the prizes and the cake.

The kids got really excited when they saw the balloons and the caked decorating the auditorium. Bela was so happy and excited too as she knows that it is her party. Wacky started the show and he was a sure hit to the kids. He hosted the games, did balloon twisting, a puppet show and magic show. He even did a balloon sculptor for all the kids so they all went home with a balloon. I also bought a lot of prizes so each kid brought home bags and bags of loots so they were all very happy.

The Jollibee food arrived late but at least Wacky was able to entertain the kids while waiting for the food and Bela and her dad performed for Bela’s classmates and teachers too. After eating time, Jollibee performed a dance number then it is time for the blowing of the candle and the opening of the gifts.

Bela was so ecstatic after the party and the time that I spent preparing for this party was all worth it after seeing the smile on my little girl's face. After the party we went to Café Monaco (our favorite restaurant in Banawe for lunch).

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