Monday, December 28, 2009

MSS’s Christmas program

Last December 13, was MSS’s Christmas program entitled “Pamaskong Handog ng MSS.” The program was held at the Philam Life Theater in UN.

They have been practicing for weeks and Bela’s teachers even gave us a CD of the songs that they will be singing so they can practice it at home. Bela loves to perform, she loves to sing and dance, but the problem is, all the songs that they are performing are in Tagalog. We tried to make her practice at home by listening to the CD but Bela is really not interested.

They had a general rehearsal last Saturday but the theater gates were closed as they want it to be a surprise for the parents and boy we were really surprise.

Bela performed four times during the program. The first one was during the opening number where all students sing and dance to different Christmas songs.
Bela’s second performance was when her class sang “Diba’t ang Pasko.” I was really surprised because she knows the lines even if it is in Tagalog. There was a microphone in front of her but it was too high but she was really doing all the extra effort (she tiptoed a lot) so she can reach the mic and sing the song. We were all laughing while watching her.

Then they did a dance number to the tune of “Season of Smiles” and Bela knows all the dance steps by heart.

Her last performance was indeed a surprise for us as she was one of the chosen student to perform for the Grand Finale. They sang “Handog” by Florante. I was really surprised because she knows the lyrics of the songs though she was saying the words in slang. LOL. We were all laughing while watching her because her teacher (whom she sang the song with), had a hard time in trying to make Bela stop because Bela still continued singing even if it is not her part of the song already. Her teacher has to sit down to get the mic away from Bela. LOL.


When the program was finish and when we fetched her from the stage, this is what she said: “Mom, I am a superstar.”

Hay, Bela is one performer talaga. We are really proud of her!!

You can view more pictures here.