Sunday, December 06, 2009

Bela@ 4: Hospicio de San Jose

After Bela’s Jollibee party last November 14, we also had our traditional party at Hospicio de San Jose. It has been our yearly tradition already and this is our Thanksgiving party for all the blessings that we have been receiving and for Bela’s good health.

Thank goodness for under eye cream, because I have been sleeping late days before Bela’s party because I have been cramming for the preparations for Bela’s party at Hospicio and her party at school. But since Ms. Amie, Hospicio’s coordinator, knows me already I was still able to get a slot for our November 15 party.

After I reserved the date at Hospicio, I contacted Jollibee Mendiola where I always order the food for the party. Jollibee no longer accepts outside party but since I am a regular customer, I was able to make them say yes to accept my outside party booking.

The party is at 3 PM. We arrived there a little after 3 PM and Jollibee staff are there already preparing the venue and the food. While the Jollibee staff is busy preparing the food, Bela entertained the kids first and she and her dad did a song number for the kids entitled “I won’t last a day without you.”

The party host from Mendiola was really good and the kids, including Bela, had fun with the party games. After the games, food was served and Jollibee had a dance number also to the delight of the kids. Then we had the candle blowing and the party ended with the kids from Hospicio singing their thank you song for us.

It was really a very memorable day for all of us. You can view more pictures here.


genie said...

Hi! I was randomly searching for 1st birthday ideas when I came across your blog. I am also considering celebrating my daughter's first birthday @ Hospicio but do you have a better suggestions. Thanks in advance :)