Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Career Week @ MSS

She knows how to argue her case, she knows how to reason out, and she is into “whys” now and is very inquisitive and observant. Do you think I should start looking for LSAT prep as early as now as it looks like Bela can be a good lawyer someday? LOL.

But as I always say to Howell, we will support her with whatever career path she chooses to take. When you ask her now on what she likes to be when she grows up, she will tell you that she wants to be a doctor. That is why during their Career Week at their school, she decided that she will come as a doctor.

Last November 23-27 was Career Week at Bela’s school where they invite different professionals from different field to visit the school and give a little talk to the kids on what they do. On Monday they were visited by a doctor and dentist. Tuesday was their time to watch a chef prepare sumptuous meals for them and there were some kids who were also asked to help the chef as she cooks something for the kids. Wednesday was the visit from a banker and accountant. On Thursday, the kids visited a nearby fire station where they were given a demo on how to kill fire by the fireman. Then they were treated for a ride at the fire truck as the kids were all on top of the fire truck and the truck brought them back to school. Bela had so much fun and she has a lot of stories to tell us as soon as she reached home.

Friday was their culminating activity where the kids where asked to come as their favorite community helper. Bela dressed up as a doctor. My aunt just asked our neighbor to make Bela’s uniform and Howell just printed a doctor’s name tag. Good thing she also received a doctor’s set during her last birthday so she brought all of her doctor tools too.

Howell and my mom were also invited to visit the school that Friday to share to the kids some knowledge on what they do as a Barangay Chairman and IT Specialist. If you ask Bela, what do Barangay Chairman do, her answer would be:

“Barangay Chairman works together with the other community helpers in taking care of the community.”

And for IT Specialist, “Daddy cures sick computer. If computers are sick daddy will use the yellow tool to cure them.”

Here are some pictures during the Career week: