Monday, December 28, 2009

Ate Bela

Bela loves the fact that she will be an Ate soon. Every night she will kiss my tummy and will hug it and will tell her baby “it” that she loves her so much. She would tell stories to her baby “it” and she will sometimes ask her dad to read a story for her and her baby “it.”

And now that she will be an ate soon, we are telling her that she should be more independent because she is no longer a baby and she is now a big girl. I guess what my friends are saying is true, that they will really learn to be more independent and responsible with the coming of the new baby.

As early as now, Bela is showing signs that she is starting to become more independent. She goes to her potty by herself every time she needs to do number 1 and number 2 and she will even remove her shorts and panty by herself. She even knows how to open the faucets by herself to wash her hands. She also started to eat by herself and I really can’t help but smile every time I see her do things on her own.

I know she should have been doing these things by herself a long time ago but I guess since she is an only child and the first grand child, we kind of spoiled her a bit. That is why her developmental pedia really recommended that Bela should become an ate soon as it will really help with her emotional growth and maturity. Her pedia also warned us that she will show signs of regression when the second baby arrives but I know Bela is a smart girl and in time she will learn to adapt and I know there is no doubt that she will be the sweetest ate ever to her baby “it.”