Sunday, December 06, 2009

Bela @ 4: Jollibee Party

We had a blast last November 14 as we celebrated Bela’s fourth birthday party with family and friends at Jollibee in Blue Wave Macapagal.

We attended Djuan’s second birthday party and they hired all the Jollitown mascots to be present in the party and we really had fun specially Bela. So I decided that for Bela’s fourth birthday, we will have the same thing.

Hubby and I will be leaving for a three-week vacation by August so I said that I will start booking for a party venue when we return from our vacation but I was really surprised when I called Jollibee branches that have big party venue because the date that I want is already booked. It was only July that time and Bela’s birthday is still four months away so I did not really expect Jollibee to be booked that early. So a week before we left we dropped by at Jollibee Blue Wave (it is the nearest Jollibee branch that have a party area that can accommodate my number of guests) and booked a party for November 14 from 3-6 PM.

When I returned from our vacation, I contacted Angelette of Jelly Bellies for my other party requirements. I booked the cake, the balloon artist and the kiddie couch souvenir from Jelly Bellies. I love Angelette and her team because they are so organized and they are so easy to talk to and very helpful. I also booked a face painter from Arts and Faces. Ms. Liby is also very easy to talk to and the artist that she send for the party was really good. It is also not just an ordinary face painting as they also include glitters. I highly recommend them and I will definitely book them for my next parties. Their prices is so affordable too. I bought some Little Einstein items from the Toy Hunt and I also bought loots from Divisoria for the game prizes.


What I like about Jollibee party is that it is a sure hit to the kids because the kids (and even the parents. LOL) went crazy when all the five mascots arrived. What I don’t like about Jollibee party is that the party games are so generic. I requested for them to add more party games since I already booked for a 1 hr extension and I told them that I have lots of prizes to give away but still they only have the same routinary games that I ended up bringing a lot of party prizes home. Another thing that I don’t like about Jollibee is that they have a lot of restrictions. They don’t have a very reliable party host but they will not allow us to bring our own host or magician.

Oh well, Howell said that it is okay because everybody had fun so I should not mind the other details. LOL.

Oh, I also booked a balloon burst from PIA ZANTUA (0939-202-6514). I just got their number from and they promised that they will just deliver it at the venue on the party date. The party is already starting and still no balloon burst. I called Pia and she told me that the delivery boy is on its way. The party finished and still no balloon burst. When I checked my cell phone, this is her message “Pinuntaha daw po kayo madam wala daw po don. Anyway, tnx po.” We left the party venue around 6:30 PM and it is really impossible that the delivery boy will not see us because we occupied the two big rooms at the second floor. Anyway, at least I did not pay any down payment. So if you plan on ordering balloon decorations from them think twice and make sure that they can really deliver.

You can view more pictures of the party by clicking the link below:

Birthday Girl and Family
Pictures by Jojo

Thanks to all our friends who took time from their busy schedule to be with us to celebrate our little princess’s fourth birthday. We really appreciate it!! Thank you also to Kathy and Jojo for taking nice pictures and to Tessa and Joseph for being our official photographer and videographer during the event.