Saturday, November 07, 2009

Her Own Laptop

Bela has a computer class at MSS. She told me that they are playing games in the computer like coloring, alphabets, sorting, etc. That is why every time she sees us in front of the computer, she will always try to convince us to go to the Disney channel site so she can play her favorite games and watch her favorite Disney characters also.

This is good as she is showing signs of interest in the field that I and my husband is into and at least she is playing with educational games so she is learning the same time she is having fun. But sometimes, I have to work with my laptop also as I need to finish a lot of tasks so I sometimes get delayed if I need to share my laptop with her.

Now that her birthday is coming up, hubby and I are thinking if I should upgrade my laptop and give my old laptop to her. We used to ask our friends in the US to buy our gadgets at circuit city but now that it is close already, our friends suggested that we check out And we were surprised to find out that their rates are really cheaper and they sometimes even offer free shipping.

I have to check our budget, and who knows we might afford a new laptop so Bela can have my old laptop all to herself.