Saturday, November 07, 2009

Halloween @ MSS

Last October 22 was Bela’s Halloween Party at MSS. They did a costume parade while dancing to the tune of “Nobody, nobody but you.” I was so sad because I was not able to watch her perform since I can’t take another leave that week since I just took an emergency leave a week before that when I took Bela to the doctor when she got sick.

Good thing hubby was able to take a leave and so she was able to capture it in photos while my mom was able to take a video also. It was so entertaining watching Bela perform as she has no stage fright. She was dancing energetically and her teacher have to ask her to go down since it looks like she has no plans of going down the stage. LOL.

Here are some pictures:


Her gown by the way was made by Prim. This will be her ballerina dress that she will wear on her birthday. I just added wings so she will look like a fairy ballerina. LOL. You can view more pictures here.