Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bela's Application at St. Scholastica's College

We are already set in enrolling Bela at St. Theresa’s College for their Kinder program this coming school year but then I changed my mind again and thought of checking out other schools so at least we have a basis for comparison. (Is there a multivitamin that can enhance my EQ so I don’t have to be like this where I am always confused when faced with situations like this?). I already got an application form from St. Scholastica’s last October but I did not pursue the application since Bela was already accepted at STC.

Since I received a lot of good feedbacks about St. Scholastica’s College, we decided to try it out also and we submitted Bela’s application last January 8. She was scheduled for interview last January 9 at 8:30 AM. It is actually an interview-exam since Bela was asked to answer 4-5 pages of worksheets I think. After less than thirty minutes, I was called by the Grade School head who administered the interview-exam.

Her comment was that she was alarmed that Bela still has poor writing skills. She was able to answer the worksheets except the last page where she was asked to copy the small letters but she said that her handwriting is still not legible even the way she colored the shapes. She also commented that even the way Bela holds the pencil and color is not correct. But cognitively, Bela did well and her writing is the only area that we have to practice.

We we’re asked to proceed to the Admissions Office to know the result of the interview-exam. Unfortunately, the Admissions Officer is not present so we we’re asked to come back on Monday.

Come Monday, we we’re able to talk to the Admissions Officer and we we’re informed that Bela is now accepted to their Jr. Prep program but we we’re told that we really have to train her to improve her writing skills.

We haven’t paid the reservation fee yet of P2,000 but we have until January 18 to reserve a slot for Bela.