Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trial @ Yamaha School of Music

I know I need to look for free insurance quotes as we really need to finalize the renewal of our insurance but then I can’t wait to share this picture of Bela.

HHL 001HHL 003
These pictures were taken during her trial class at Yamaha School of Music last Saturday. She received a drum set from her Tito and Tita on her last birthday. She really loves musical instruments and is really interested in learning to play it but since she already have a drum set, we decided that we let her try drum lessons.

My mom inquired at Yamaha School of Music in D. Tuazon, Quezon City last year. They normally accept students for their drum lessons aged 5 years old and up but they already had a 4-year old student before so they said that Bela can have a trial to see if she is fit for the program.

As soon as she sees the drum set, she quickly went inside the music room and said “Oh, my favorite!” She comfortably sit in front of the drums and started chanting “1-2-3” while tapping the drum sticks together and started playing with the drums.

The instructor commented that Bela has a potential as a drummer but the problem is she is still too small for their drum sets (which are for kids aged 7 years old and above) and so she can’t reach the pedal which the instructor said is an important aspect in learning how to play the drums. We told them that Bela has a drum set at home for her age and we can try brining in the chair that goes with her drum set and she can try again if she can reach the pedal of Yamaha’s drum set using her own chair.

The owner scheduled us for another trial on Friday. Hopefully, Bela’s chair will work with their drum set so she can enroll in their Drum Lessons program as she is just so eager to learn how to play the drums.