Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bela's Application at STC

Bela will be turning 4.5 years old come June so we are now considering enrolling her in big schools. St. Theresa’s College, which is one of the schools that we are considering for Bela, will be opening their kinder program this school year which is open for kids aged 4.5 – 5.5 years old.

My mom inquired last October and filled up application forms for admission. Bela was scheduled for interview and luckily, Howell and I were on a holiday that day so we were able to accompany Bela for the interview. The interview will be conducted by the Guidance counselor. We were asked to wait at the Guidance Counselor Lounge and Bela started reading books while waiting. A few minutes after, she was fetched by the interviewer and she went with her interviewer alone with no problem. I was praying the whole time Bela was inside for her interview. I am confident that she can answer the questions but I am worried that she won’t stop talking. (That is the comment given to her when she had her mock interview at MSS. She won’t stop talking and sometimes will tell stories that are not related to the questions being asked. LOL.) After 15 minutes, the interview was finished and the Guidance Counselor said that she passed the interview. She even commented that Bela knows a lot already for her age. I mentioned that Bela is still having a hard time writing but I was assured by the Guidance Counselor that it will not be a problem.

We were asked to pay the reservation fee of P2,500 to reserve a slot for Bela for Kinder and we we’re informed that there will be a Parent’s Orientation on February 27, 2010