Wednesday, January 13, 2010


When I was still young my only problem was how I can escape nap time so I can play outside. Now I realized, the future of a child is already in my hands. How can I raise them so they will be a better person. How can we make a better future for them.

Just like now, just making a decision on which school to send Bela is a very complicated decision for us (or should I say, for me) to make. I just feel that I have a big responsibility that we should make the right decision because it is for her future. The decision that we will be making might make ore break her future.

When we were choosing a pre-school for Bela, I thought that it is the last time that I will be confused. But seems like, every year, I am always at lost on what to do with regards to Bela’s schooling. Thank goodness for anti aging skin products, because if not for them I might be looking so old already for thinking so much about all this stuff.

I was asking my mom, if it is really this complicated. I just need to choose a school for Bela but I have spent countless sleepless nights already just thinking about it. My mom just smiled at me. Maybe she knows that in time, I will surely know what to do. Just like what my blogger friends has mentioned, I just have to use my gut feel and mother’s instinct.