Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Excited to Go to School Today

Bela was so excited to go to class today. She was even the one who wakes me up to ask me to prepare her for school.

The reason why she is so excited is because she is bringing to school today some of her water transportation toys. Modes of transportation are their topic for this month and for this week, they will discuss different water transportation and so they were asked to bring some of their water transportation toys. Bela brought with her, her Little Einsteins submarine with Leo, Backyardigans Pirate Ship and the new Water raft toy of her dad.

At first she doesn’t know what a raft is so Howell has to show her pictures of water rafts from the Internet so she can picture out what it is for. Since the toy water raft is a bit big, she is asking me if we can go to the beach so she can play with it. I saw the panama city beach condo rentals and thought that Bela will have fun here playing with her water raft, but since I am pregnant, I don’t think any travel would be possible until I give birth. So for now, she just has to enjoy playing with her water raft and her other water toys in her small bath tub. LOL.

She will be arriving from school in a few hours and I am sure she will have a lot of stories to tell me on what happened at school as they play with their water transportation toys.