Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big School or Not to Big School?

When it comes to decision making where the future of our kids is at hand, I am always faced with a dilemma. Just like now when we have to decide if we will enroll Bela to a big school this coming school year or we should just let her stay in her current school for one more year.

I must say that I am really so stressed out that I need a face moisturizer and I really don’t know what to do. Actually, hubby and I already agreed that we want to move Bela to a big school this year so she can start with the kinder level, then Preparatory before going to Grade 1. We thought that by doing this, Bela will have find it easier to adjust to the big school setup since all of her classmates will be new students like her instead of moving her to big school by the time she is ready for Preparatory level.

But then after talking to the Admissions Officer at St. Scholastica’s and we were informed that Bela has to master writing by June, my mom got alarmed and got scared that Bela might find it hard to adjust since she is still playful and she might get traumatized. We were also able to talk to the director of her current school and she is discouraging us to enroll Bela to big school. According to her, Bela’s cognitive and social skills is already ready for big school but she is still not mature enough for the new pressure that big school will bring.

Last October, I was able to talk to Bela’s teacher and she told me that Bela can make it to big school and she is already ready. This is also what her Developmental Pedia had mentioned during our last visit.

So now I am face with the question: big school or not to big school? I even emailed my blogger friends who are moms like me for their take on this. I really appreciate all their inputs and I am really thankful because I really learned a lot from them and this will really help us in our decisions.

I pray that we will arrive at a decision that will really benefit our daughter.