Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Life

Kids are really amazing. Sometimes, I feel I need to use anti-wrinkle cream to survive being a mom but majority of the times, I just feel so happy and lucky to have Bela. She is our source of joy, our inspiration, the reason why Howell and I are working really hard to give her all the best this world has to offer.

Now that she is to become an ate soon, we can already imagine that she will be the sweetest ate to her sibling. Every night, she will kiss and hug my tummy and she will tell her baby “IT” (that is how she calls the baby inside me) how much she loves him. She will also tell a story to her baby IT before she goes to sleep. She also likes it every time she helps me with my medicines and she reminds me every time I drink it that it will make me and the baby strong.

Every time I visit my OB, she is always with me and will hold my hand if my doctor asked me to lie down to check on me and she will always tell me “That’s ok mom, everything’s going to be ok.”

After a long day at work, my husband and I loves it every time she welcome us home with an excited tone saying “Mom, Dad!!” and then she will hug us and kiss us.

No matter how bad our day is, I am sure that everything will be okay as soon as we see her. I am sure it will be double the fun, double the happiness and double the contentment we will be feeling as parents with the coming of our second child. We are thankful for the precious gifts that God has given me and Howell.