Sunday, August 02, 2009

Bela Learning Chinese

Chinese is part of Bela’s curriculum at MSS. We are not Chinese so I never bothered asking her about her Chinese class because I don’t know what to ask. LOL. A few days ago, we were driving with my Mom and Dad and my mom pointed to Bela the tricycles that are lined up in Espana. They have the same color and so my mom said:

Mom: “ Bela look at the tricycles. They all look the same. They are all color orange.”

And then I heard Bela babbling something but I have a hunch that she is saying something in Chinese. I have her Chinese folder with me so I checked it out and I realized that she is saying the word “the same” in Chinese. I asked her what is the Chinese word for different and she answered me with confidence again. And she even has the Chinese accent and intonation. Boy I was so surprised.

Then last weekend, we went to Greenhills and we saw a Chinese restaurant and the signage has Chinese characters. She said:

Bela: “Mom those are my Chinese characters.”

Then she started to say something again and we just figured out that she is counting in Chinese. Children really learn so fast. I was amazed that in just a short span, Bela is already learning a lot.

This weekend, she has to do practice writing in Chinese and my mom patiently guided Bela (though we really don’t know if we are doing it correctly since we don’t know how to write in Chinese). That is why sometimes, Bela will tell her lola that she is going the wrong way when my mom was teaching her the strokes. Here are some pictures that I took using my phone's camera:

By the way, notice that stamp collection that we have. This is a very good rewards system since every time Bela finished her activity, her lola will put a stamp on her like they did in school and Bela will be more inspired to finish her assignment.


Jody said...

We got this stamp collection as a gift to Margaux last year. So cool. All characters nga ata meron dito. Galing naman, may chinese class sila.