Sunday, August 23, 2009

Can't Wait To Go Home

We are down to our last leg of our Europe tour. In just four days I will be home with Bela again. I can’t wait to get home as Howell and I are both excited to show Bela the stuffs that we bought for her. Just like today, Howell and I went to Paris Disneyland, not to enjoy the rides and attractions there but to do some shopping for her. We have been going around to five different cities but we haven’t found any nice toys for her. So far Howell bought small toys from McDonalds, animal toys from the toy shop that we saw in Venice, Monsters Inc toys from Germany, and toys from the Disney Store and Disneyland in Paris.

I am sure Bela will go crazy once she sees her toys. I am anxious to know also what will be her reaction when she sees us since we have been away for almost three weeks already and she has been under the care of her grand parents so I am not sure if she will approach us right away (specially Howell and I look a little different since we are a bit dark and we look like we need to get the best weight loss supplement because even if we have been running for twenty days now, we really gained weight because we have been doing a lot of eating while we are here). But we have been talking to her almost everyday via webcam so hopefully she will still recognize us.