Friday, August 14, 2009

Christmas Shopping for Little Bela

I have been missing Bela every single day while I am in Europe. I try to talk to her and see her via web cam everyday even if internet rate connection prices are absurdly high. Each day is better – meaning, there are days when I would not cry because I miss her so much, but I am still looking forward to seeing her when we come home. Only 10 more days!

I am reminded that September is just around the corner and before you know it, Christmas is here. I have been thinking what to give her as Christmas present actually. Her birthday is also in November so a lot of shopping needs to be done!

I might get her more educational books as I have Educational Warehouse coupons I can use. I am really thankful that my daughter is really bright and loves to learn. Toys will always be present of course. I remember last year a friend offered to ship all items from to her place and we hoarded Christmas gifts like crazy. All Aboard Toys coupons will help me shop more but still within the budget my husband will give me.

Who am I kidding? I almost always shop above my budget when it comes to Bela. It is all good though as I love shopping for my little princess.