Sunday, August 02, 2009

Bela’s Journal Report: June 29 – July 3

I need to catch up in posting Bela’s Journal report. It is already August and I am still posting reports for June. LOL.

Learning About Our Bodies
June 29 July 3, 2009

(So this is their topic for that week. No wonder Bela kept telling me that my tummy is so yucky because it is so big. I think I really need to take the best fat burner because with my diet, I don’t think I will loose the bulges in my tummy).

Dear mom and dad,

Learning about our bodies was somehow easy for the kids as they are all very familiar with the parts of their body, its functions and where they are located. It is a proof that your children are ready and able to know how to use their bodies to learn more through their environment.

This week’s Music and Movement exposed our kids to different finger play and action soings that made use of manipulating their body parts and learning their body parts’ names through songs like Hokey Pokey, Head and Shoulders…., and Where is Thumbkin? They had an exciting and enjoyable time watching themselves as they moved to the beat of the songs.

For Cooking, we got all amazed as we made Ice Cream in reusable pabgs. This you should try at home. It was easy and yummy. The kids watched as we poured I each ingredient and sealed the bags. They each had a chance to put in the ice and then shake the bag. They couldn’t wait to see it and taste it. Once it was done, they all agreed it was delicious.

During Library Day, we all listened to a story written by Eric Carle entitled “Head to Toe.” They enjoyed imitating the movements and saying “I can do it.”

On AVR Day, we had a chance to play some computer games on the letters Ii and Oo and also about same and different. While on Friday, Outdoors, we played Body Parts Hopscotch.

Truky a busy kid is also a learning kid. This is why we never cease to make your child’s stay in school as busy and learning filled as we can.

On Our Stations This Week:

• Sand / Water Play Station
- drawing our face on the sand
- pouring sand from one container to the other
- pouring water from one container to the other
• Literacy Station
- exploring objects that begin with Aa and Ee
- naming and sorting pictures that begin with Ii and Oo
- sorting pictures using is and are
• Reading / Listening Station
- reading Head to Toe by Eric Carle
• Discovery / Art Station
- exploring a box with pictures of peers and being able to name them and sort them according to gender
- mirror play: discover and name parts of the face
- trace and match body parts with example
- drawing your face
• Math Station
- exploring objects with circles and square shapes
- comparing objects with same and different shape
- drawing shapes that are same and different
• Manipulative Station
- face puzzle
- body puzzle
- drawing the missing parts