Monday, August 03, 2009

Bela's Journal Report: July 6 -10, 2009

Green Cocoon’s Journal
July 6 – 10, 2009

• Beginning letters Uu and Ss.
• Rote counting from 1 – 30
• Concept of Up and Down
• Concept of In and Out
• Sense: Sight and Hearing
• Colors: red, blue and yellow
• Shapes: triangle, rectangle

(the child should be able to…)
• Identify and recognize the letters Uu and Ss and their respective sounds
• Give picture/s that begin with Uu and Ss
• Rote count from 1 – 30
• Understand the concept of Up and Down
• Understand the concept of In and Out
• Identify the different organs used for seeing and hearing
• Identify the colors red, blue and yellow
• Identify triangle and rectangle shapes

• Phonics and Language
- Letters, sound recognition and identification of Mm and Rr
- Beginning concept of letters: Mm and Rr
- Concept of Is and Are
• Math
- Rote counting from 1 – 30
- Colors: green, violet and orange
- Spatial Relation: Over, On and Under
• Science and Social Studies
- My Feelings and senses
 Sense of Taste and Sense of Smell: care and functions, parts of the mouth

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

New week, new learning! We introduced the letters Uu and Ss to them this week and showed pictures as well as actual objects that begin with these letters. We also made our very own Scrambled egg sandwich which the kids had fun doing. We also let them be familiar with the shapes triangle and rectangle and colors red, blue and yellow. We also introduced them to spatial relations: up and down, in and out by dancing and playing like playing our hands and doing SIMON says. The children had fun exploring with their senses of sight and hearing. We learned how to properly take care of these sense organs. We also listened to recording of loud and soft sounds.

Last Friday, after Outdoor, we let the children change their clothes and pack up their stuff in their bags. In this way, they are trained to be more independent when tending to their needs. Ysabela needed help in removing and putting on her clothes. She wants teacher to hold her hands when asked to fold her clothes.

In last week’s stations, she was able to draw the missing parts of given pictures. draw her face very fast with eyebrows as well. She also was able to identify objects with the circle and square shapes and said that shapes have 4 sides. She was assisted in writing MSS and her other writing activities as she has less confidence in doing them. However, she can do the strokes when asked to do them. She can copy and draw with little assistance the body parts that are same by tracing her hand and drawing an eye. She was able to pair pictures that are same and different and seems to know the concept very well.

This week, when they were asked to identify the names of their peers, she was able to name some of her peer’s names. She is very aware of what her peers are doing and would usually tell teacher about them. When eating, she would ask for help in opening her lunchbox then eat her snacks quietly.

We hope to see more skills and participation in the coming weeks as we are just at the start of a new theme.

Teachers Sarah, Eulene and Raizza