Sunday, August 02, 2009

Halloween 2009

Bela and I just stayed at home during the weekend as Howell already left for Germany. We spent the day just watching Bela’s favorite shows and she saw the episode of Little Einsteins where they went on a mission to distribute invitations Halloween for their party.

Bela got all excited as she fondly recall her Halloween experience last year. I heard from her current school that they will be distributing party invitations Halloween too to celebrate Halloween. I am sure Bela will be so excited when she receives her invitations party Halloween from Teacher Sarah and she will have fun wearing her costume and go Trick or Treating with her other classmates.

The last time I heard, they will be ordering Invitations Halloween Party from I am sure they will not have a hard time as the design for the invitations will be proof emailed to them within one hour after they ordered so I am sure we will be expecting to receive one soon.