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Bela's Narrative Report

Toddler’s Unlimited
Narrative Report

Child’s Name: Ysabela Margrette Laguerta
Child’s Class: Jumping Joeys
Date of Birth: November 16, 2005
Date of Entry: June 2008

Bubbly, affectionate, enthusiastic – this is Bela in three words! This little girl is always full of energy and humor that definitely makes us proud of her. Her presence never fails to lighten everyone’s mood. Bela, being naturally adorable can brighten anyone’s day. With her expressive face, sweet smile and twinkling eyes, anyone in the Yellow Room can feel relaxed at first glance of this kid!

Being naturally playful, Bela enjoys Free Choice Time a lot. She maximizes this time by playing with her favorite toys with her favorite friends like Ellie, Patricia and Maxine. Upon her entrance in the Yellow Room, Bela would go directly to the basket filled with animals where she lines up all the animals and pretends they are marching in a parade. Sometimes she would build a zoo for her animals using the Duplo Blocks and the Magnetic Shapes. On some days, she would go to the aquarium to feed the pet fish and watch them with enthusiasm.

Apart from her love for animals, Bela also has an eye for puzzles. In the Manipulative Area, she would get a lot of puzzles. Her favorite are the animal and transportation ones. She brings it to the table where she would complete each board quietly and independently. She also takes pleasure in putting the giant pegs or stacking cups one by one or string beads using the wooden blocks.

“Pack away now, Pack away now…” as the teachers sing the song, the Jumping Joeys take the cue to pack away the toys. Helpful Bela springs up and help the teachers return the toys. After this, she hurriedly returns to the mat and finds a perfect spot to sit for Circle Time. As soon as everyone has settled, Bela eagerly waits for her teacher to sing her favorites song, some of which include Mr. Sun, Five Little Butterflies, Turtle Song, Glug Glug, Five Green and Speckled Frogs, Five Little Men, Hello, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Rainbow Song. Bela definitely knows all her classmates’ names. She yells out each of her friends when it is time for our “Who is in School Today?” activity. Moving on to our discussion, Bela actively participates in all activities and sometimes shares a thought or two about the lessons. Bela’s enthusiasm for learning and her passion for discovering new things are very difficult to ignore. She genuinely enjoyed every topic and theme we had discussed during the school year – especially about animals!

There was never a time that Bela hesitated to engage on a new activity. She loves to explore and learn new things. She does not hesitate to touch different textures or feel animals that we bring to school. Bela is really a girl who is up for something different!

Wrapping up Circle Time, children rush to the table and find their seats for Art Time. Bela patiently waits for the teacher to present the materials. Sometimes, she would even shout “Bela’s turn!” She is found of scribbling using chalk, crayons or markers, pasting different pictures, dot art, sand art, and painting using the easel or the different paint brushes.

Bela’s favorite time of the day is playing in the Romp Area! After Art Time, she would go outside without delay, and wait for her friends to line up with her. After which, she would march straight to the Romp Area to explore the toys inside. Some of the games that she loves to play are Hide-and-Seek, running around, Ring-Around-the-Rosie, and using the slide. This quick and hyper girl leaves her teachers breathless after running around and playing with the Jumping Joeys.

Bela is always one of the first to go back to the Yellow Room for Snack Time. She waits patiently to have her turn to wash hands. She rarely needs help even with the soap dispenser, which used to be quite difficult for her to push. She sits on her chair and takes a bite or two of her cookies. Bela being playful would once in a while leave her chair to explore the toys but as soon as she hears her teacher prompt her to go back, she would listen and continue with her food.

It is time for a story now! Bela sits still through the whole narrative. She quietly and attentively listens to the words and looks at the pictures. Most of the books that she likes are about animals such ash Animal Boogie, Walking Through the Jungle, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?, Little White Duck, Baby Beluga and One Day in the Jungle.

It was an adventure seeing and growing with Bela over the school year! She has become independent and capable of doing things in her own. Thank you Bela for spending the school year with us! We are looking forward to see more of Bela in the next years!

Written by: Maria Michaela G. Roces
Date: March 2008

Noted by: Gabriel Roa – Limjoco
Center Director