Monday, September 20, 2010

Bela Ballerina

She just loves to dance. That is why when I read in one of the circulars from her school that they have a ballet club, I immediately asked Bela if she wants to join and she eagerly said yes.

The ballet class for prep is scheduled every Saturday at 9 am so this means we have to be up by 7:30 AM (8 AM the latest) so she won’t be late for class. Her normal wake up time is 9 or 10 AM so 7:30 is too early for her. But every Saturday, I don’t have a hard time waking her up as she jumps out of bed immediately as soon as she hears the word ballet. That is how dedicated she is with ballet.

I was the one who brought Bela to her class last Saturday and I was able to stay for a few minutes in class and was able to take some pictures. Here are some of them: (Pardon the [pictures as I only use my phone’s camera. We don’t bring camera during her ballet class as they are really strict and will not let parents linger while the class is on-going. I was just pasaway that day and took pictures while no one is asking me go out yet. LOL)