Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bela, Our Future Swimmer

Bela has been enrolled in the Aqua Kids program of Aqualogic since summer. We noticed that she really enjoys the class (except for the one time when she had a one-on-one session with Teacher Ria. But now she is already so used to Teacher Ria that she doesn’t get scared anymore and she now knows that she has to follow what Teacher Ria asks her to do. LOL). That is why after the summer program, we decided to enroll her again for 12 more sessions as we see a great potential in her to be a good swimmer as she is just so comfortable when she is in the water.

During the summer class, they tried to teach Bela how to float from her back but she is having a hard time doing it as she feels ticklish in her ear. But just look at her now, a really big improvement:

She knows how to do a back float and last week, they already started to teach her how to use her hands (using the angel-fairy-princess technique) so she can start to learn how to do the back stroke.

I am really happy with how Bela improved and because of that we will enroll her again for another 12 sessions come October.