Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Perks of Being a Mom

When I was still single, I can stay up all night just talking on the phone with my friends, or have a DVD marathon of my favorite TV show, or just do anything to pass time as I find it hard to sleep at night (I even thought of using sleeping pills to get a good night sleep).

But things have changed when I become a mother. Now instead of reading magazines or novels, I read children’s books to Bela. Instead of playing on my iPhone, I join Bela as she plays with her animal toys. And when she feels sleepy already, I have no choice but to go up to our room too even if I still want to catch my favorite show on TV as I need to put her to sleep.

But in all honesty, it is a very good feeling. I love being a mom. I love the kiss that I get from Bela as her bribe to me so I will read to her the book. I love to hear her say “I love you mom” which comes with a kiss and a hug before she goes to sleep. I love how she shouts “Mommy” with so much excitement when she welcome us home from work. This are just some of the perks of being a mommy to Bela and I will not trade it for anything else.