Thursday, September 16, 2010

Her Favorite Games

I need to look for xerox phaser 8560 ink sticks to replenish the supplies that we need in the office but then I did not realized how time quickly flies because I got busy installing free applications for my iPhone that Bela can play with.

I upgraded my iPhone 2G to iPhone 3GS and so it doesn’t have that much applications installed unlike my old 2G phone. So when Bela saw it, this is what she said:

Bela: “Mom, why does your iPhone only have two pages of games. Tita Vj’s iPhone have plenty of pages.”

So I promised her that I will install new applications to my phone so she can play with it. And so I just searched all the free applications in App Store under the Games for Kids category and I was able to find tons of fun activities and games for kids.


So far, Bela’s favourite games are I Wash my Dogs and I wash my Cats game where she can give dogs and cats a bath, the When I Grow Up Game where she can dress up monkeys to different characters, Kids Genius game which has different kinds of activities like matching game and the application Read Me Stories where she gets to listen to bed time stories.

There are still more free applications that I can install from iPhone and I am sure Bela will be happy to see lots of pages on my iPhone filled with her favourite iPhone games.