Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Book Worm

I am glad that Bela is growing up to be a person who really loves book. We bought her the “I wonder why” series from Groiller and every night she will bring two to three books upstairs and she will ask us to read it to her from cover to cover. That is why even if I am feeling so sleepy already due to lack of sleep from taking care of Cobi, I have no choice but to read the book to her as she will not stop unless we give in to her request. (Thank goodness there are eye wrinkle creams in the market that I can use so I will not look haggard and zombie like. To know more about eye wrinkle creams, click here).

Sometimes I would cheat and skip some pages but I can never really fool her as she knows all her books by heart and she will know if I skip a page or not. But I am happy though because Bela is learning a lot form these books. Her teacher from her previous school event noted in her report that Bela is very good in Trivia and she got all of that information that she shared with her teachers and friends from this book.