Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Protection from Dengue

I received a circular from Bela’s school informing parents of the preventive measure that the school is taking to prevent Dengue since dengue cases has doubled for this year. So all prep students will be asked to wear the following on specific days:

Monday – School uniform with knee high socks
Tuesday – Grade level t-shirt and jogging pants
Wednesday – Maong pants and t-shirt (I rarely buy t-shirts for Bela as I don’t find it good on her but now that they will be required to wear t-shirts once a week, I have to look for wholesale lots of t-shirts so Bela will have a lot of t-shirt to use during their civilian day).
Thursday – P.E t-shirt and jogging pants
Friday – school uniform with knee high socks

All the parents are really happy with this step that the school have taken to protect our kids from dengue while they are in school. I know that dengue is a very serious illness and so I am really happy and I feel at peace now that my Bela will at least be protected from dengue.

Kudos to the school administration of St. Scholastica.