Monday, September 06, 2010

Black Friday Sale

I really hate it and the timing is so bad because I have no Internet connection during the weekend. And this weekend is really very important as for sure, a number of online sites had their Labor Day sale.

I received an email from Old Navy, which is my favorite shopping site for clothes for my kids and since I had no Internet connection I missed the sale. But maybe it is still a blessing in disguise since I know that it is really better to shop during Black Friday sale as the discounts are bigger compared to other sales. I know that most of my friends are already waiting for this sale and they are already making their wish list as they were really happy with their Black Friday shopping last time. The prices were really a steal that it is almost getting the item for free.

So I guess I should be thankful instead that I don’t have Internet connection during the Labor Day weekend because for sure I will not be able to control myself and I will surely end up shopping for my kids again even if I am on a tight budget this month.

So what I should do now is start saving up and start making my wish list for the Black Friday sale.