Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Conversations with Bela: @ 4 years old

During her swimming class:

Me: “Bela, be careful, you might hit the wall.”
Bela: “Don’t worry mom. I will be more careful next time.”


Me: “Here Bela, you can sit now. I already removed the bags.”
Bela: “Now that is the problem. That is the reason why I can’t sit properly because there are bags on the chair.”


Me: “Bela, I am so sad because I will be going back to work already. It means you won’t see me when you wake up in the morning.”
Bela: “That’s okay mommy. I will ask lolo to fetch you so you won’t be sad.”


Bela: “Our house is already full of toys. We should not be buying toys anymore. We should just go on vacation instead.”


When the electricity went off one evening:

Bela: “Come one mom, let’s go to a hotel.”

When she was asking me to buy her another ballpen with cute characters as the cover:

Bela: “Mom, I think I lost my pen.”
Me: “No, it is upstairs in our room. I kept it.”
Bela: “But if there is no more ink, I need another pen that I can use. Can I buy another pen?”


Me: “Bela, do you have something to show me in your notebook number 1?”
Bela: “Nothing. But I have a folded letter for you.”

And she handed me the circular from her teacher.

Bela: “You have to cut from this line, and then sign here and I will give it back to teacher.”