Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MSS's Facilities

When we attended the Parents’ Orientation at MSS a few weeks ago, I forgot to remind Howell to bring his camera. So here are just some of the pictures that he took of the Green Cocoon Room (Bela’s classroom) using his camera phone:
What I like about MSS is that they have almost complete facilities like a computer room and the audio visual room. I was even surprised when I saw a picture of Bela playing comfortably in one of the computers in their computer room.

Another thing that I give MSS credit for is that they purchased a thermal scanner in time for the school opening specially now that parents are scared for the welfare of their kids because of the A(N1H1) virus. All students, parents and even yayas will be scanned before allowed entry. My mom was telling me that there was a kid last week that has a temperature of 37.7 and was sent home. At least they are really vigilant about A(N1H1). I bet they must have bought a lot of supplies too from Allegro Medical like hand sanitizer, disposable latex gloves, alcohol, face masks and the like to make sure that proper hygiene is being observed at school. I am sure they will find all of this in Allegro since they are the leading online provider for all medical and health care needs.

MSS will be Bela’s second home as she will spend her time there almost 3 hours per day, 5x a week so I am glad that the school staffs are really taking good care of their students.